January 9, 2012

FREE Fabric Love

Quite often I get asked where I manage to find some of my fabrics at for such a great price.  I hunt around all the time and score some great deals but I have to tell you that the secret to making a great product is in your ability to color match. I also use a little secret and it's called Mimi's Treasured Memories! Mimi, who's real name is Claudia, has the sweetest little Quilt Shop located about 4 miles from my house. She manages to score some of the greatest fabrics that match perfectly to my designer patterns!! $3/yard and up! Honestly, you can't beat that price. I've been helping her a lot lately and now am helping her run the little Etsy shop where I've put up some of her pattern pieces! $5.50/yard for some of the fun little Valentines prints! You ladies who make little girls and boys outfits better get them while the getting is good because I've already sold out of some of our patterns. Eek!!

Here's what you want to really be reading: Until midnight on January 20th, if you like MY PAGE and MIMI's PAGE on Facebook, you can enter to win a free fabric bundle of my favorites!! All you have to do is like both pages, and then leave a comment on my page to win! That's it. I'll ship it anywhere in the world too!!

So get to it!


January 2, 2012

Call For Testers!

 Good Morning my Sweet Sewing Buddies :)

Welcome to 2012!!! What a fun holiday I had! I hope you had one as well!! I have a little surprise for you! Remember me telling you that I would blog about my daughters Christmas quilt? Well, I didn't get a chance to snap a photo of it before I gave it to her because I had to quilt at night so she wouldn't see it. Here is a picture of her all snuggled up with it on Christmas eve before Santa came!

 Now that she's back to School I'll get a nice proper shot for you in the sun while I have a chance! She totes it around with her everywhere so hopefully it's not TOO dirty yet!

On to other thing: I need testers for some patterns!!! Not just any patterns, but embroidery patterns! Here is the skinny:

I need three testers who meet this criteria:
~ You should be well versed in all embroidery styles. These are not beginner patterns.
~ You should be able to finish the pattern in about 1 month time maximum. (I did my own in a week with lots of distruption)
~ You should be able to take lots of photos along the way, including a really nice finished shot that I am able to use to promote the patterns in my Etsy shop.
~ You should be able to tell me how much floss you used!

You will receive the pattern that I've hand drawn on to a cotton piece for you with a water soluble marker. You will also receive any fabric pieces from me if the pattern calls for fabric. Otherwise you will be using your own floss. You will get to keep the finished piece but you may NOT reproduce the pattern in any way and/or resell it. You may however, sell any finished product you make with it as long as credit comes back to me. You will also receive a special little treat from me for testing the pattern :)

I just want to make sure the patterns are all do-able to other people before I launch embroidery kits in my little etsy shop!!

These patterns are doodle sketch type embroidery patterns. I made a series of them for a special project I was working on for a friend with a sick child. She gave me several motif's and I 'doodled' up each one in about 2  - 3 days. Each sketch is my doodles and while the nature or the concept may not be original, the art is and so that makes them really special to me! Then a crafty pal of mine latched on to one of them and has been working on it. She loves it! I've designed them in such a way that YOU get to choose what stitches to incorporate, the techniques you want and the colors you want to fit into your own decor. In the shop, I plan to offer two prices- one for just the pattern on cotton, and one for the pattern + materials.

If this sounds like something you'd like to do, please email me at: krenthom@gmail.com. We can talk about it more!

much love,