March 15, 2011

A Name Change!


I have decided to close up the Shabby Chic Flower Boutique! I know that in itself isn't so exciting but what IS exciting is that I've not closed up shop, just that name! I've now become Karen Thompson Design Studio, or KTDS for short. I like this name because KTDS almost looks like "kids" and that's what 90% of my stuff is designed for- kids!

I am having a whole new image designed for me and that should be arriving in April so you will see the full transition happen then.

In the meantime... let's catch up on what I've been working on!! Next week is my last week teaching art for this school season. I'm so sad about it I could cry :( I've been working on writing a grant though so I can teach full time next year and bring some art back to these kids! Nothing makes me happier then children who are allowed and encouraged to express themselves from within.

The dress event ends tomorrow! Here is a shot of the very first pillowcase dress I made!!

Pretty darn cute! You can see the rest of the dresses at this flickr pool! There are to date over 167 items posted in there! I still have 5 more dresses to sew from fabric, and about 4 more pillowcases and won't make them all in for the contest. That's okay though! All that matters is that they make it to the girls who need help!

Also, something else fun! Remember when I blogged that I was making the quilt block for Sew Fresh Fabrics? Well the images of the quilt blocks together are up on their blog this morning and it's really awesome to see it!!! Here is a peek:

The dragonfly in front is my block!! Exciting!!
So, thats about it for now- I'm working on some purses and wallets, flowers and other little artsy stuff. The store in Etsy will re-open in April I think and we'll just keep plugging along!!

Have a wonderful week!!

March 7, 2011

What are YOU doing this week??

Hopefully you are doing something wonderful like this!!

For details, check out the blog for Little Big Girl Studio and happy sewing!

March 3, 2011

Quilt Progress!

A few weeks ago my husband and I ran out for an errand on a Saturday morning.... and returned with a puppy! Entirely unexpected but how do you say no when their cute little puppy faces are staring back at you? You don't.... so.... in the wee hours of the morning while we are house training, I sat down at the cutting table and cut my strips of fabric for the tube quilt! Nothing says love like many, many 2.5" strips of your favorite fabrics.
Strips!! All cut up and waiting for a sew!

So, here we are today: I have two tubes sewn and cut up and this is how it's looking so far!

I am loving the white... it feels SO crisp and clean! I've sewn 8 whole strips for a total of 2 tubes, but thats an accomplishment when you are busy! Trust me! For a tutorial on the tube quilt, read my previous entry.