August 30, 2011

Halloween Quilt!

I am in LOVE with this pumpkin fabric!!!!

When I first relocated back to the south, I arrived with nothing but 2 suitcases and a giant smile. I had no fabric stash, no sewing machine, and no idea how much either of those would change my life/house/sanity level either!! When I finally did invest in my first sewing machine, I logged onto the Fat Quarter Shop, with a big heart and a small budget and lost myself for about 2 hours in piles of delicious fabrics.

Can you see the glitter in the spider?

I finally decided that the best first project (lol) that I could start with was going to be something Halloween and so I bought a quilt pattern, a fat quarter bundle, some extra yardage and waited with great anticipation.

Now, quite a few months later and with a gigantic pile of sewing behind me, my house is a giant fabric stash, I sew in the craft room... the dining room... the living room... my bedroom... my office... outside... I have about 12 projects on the go and am now doing craft shows. Insane!! Sadly though, I never did my Halloween Quilt!! I love the pattern, and I grew my Haloween stash to the point where I could probably make 4 more of these but I still hadn't actually MADE one... so this weekend... I DID!!!

Witches use airplanes these days don't yo know?
I started cutting on Friday while I was minding the store for Claudia! By Friday afternoon I hd the blocks cut, and the applique sections planned out. I spent Saturday afternoon and Sunday evening working on the applique sections. Sunday night into the wee hours of Monday morning I peicd it all together and I spend most of yesterday quilting the darn thing! VOILA! All done and I feel very accomplished....
Ghosts, Goblins Ghouls!

The finished quilt is 3 ft wide and hangs 5 ft long. 



Goblins! My first time blanket stitching!
Love that pirate mouse on the stocking!

More adorable pumpkins! <3

I backed the quilt with a delicious Orange and Black glitter spider fabric!!

 So there you have it! I'm going to make a second one for someone special but I think I'll wait until after the craft fair which is in 26 DAYS EEEEeeEEEeEEK!

August 16, 2011

Twirling Skirts

Well, It's been awhile since I've been here, hasn't it? It's been a long few weeks. I've been battling the development of Osteoarthritis in my hands and it's made life a little difficult. So I've just been sewing to the best of my ability right now and concentrating on my over-abundance of projects. It would be easier if I had a crafty buddy to help me undertake these things on days where it hurts to use my hands but hopefully things will work out soon and I can sew with happiness instead of an advil induced coma! You don't want to hear about this though, you want to see sewing!!

I finally made Miss Emma a skirt! This is my first ever skirt! A few days ago we spent the morning watching after Claudia's fabric store for her while she did some sewing for a charity. The reward was a little fabric stash and so I let Emma choose her own fabrics for her skirt. The deal was that it had to be at least to the knees and then she said she wanted ruffles, twirling capabilities and ricrac. Here is the result:

She's only 7 but wears a size 10! Insanity!! I used this tutorial from MADE  and then altered it to suit what we needed the skirt to do! I love her vivid color choices... super cute!