April 26, 2011


 You know what I like about people who win prizes? They are always so kind and happy when you tell them they won. They also ALL tell you that they never win! It's terribly cute :)

The first name my little honey bee drew this morning was SweetLea! It apparently goes to show you that the last people to enter can still win! She chose the fabrics from Pinked Fabrics and tells me she is going to make a bag with them! Can't wait to see it!! Thanks again to the charming Amy Dunn who has more talent in her little finger then I do in my entire body <3

The second name chosen was Quilter in the Gap who chose the scrap fabrics from my stash! Hooray! I've chosen a great little selection for her and she's really excited!

Finally, the winner of my store credit was JulesMCG who is currently eyeballing the facebook page full of goodies and trying to decide on fabrics and fun things for her children! 

Congratulations to all of the winners and thank  you all so very much for entering the draw! As a special treat, if you entered the draw and are interested in an item please message me and you will receive a 10% discount! This is only good until May 15th so use it up! This is also only good in MY store, not Amy's fabric store!

Have a wonderful evening and if you are in the storm path this week, stay SAFE!

Much love,

Thank You!

 You guys are so sweet :) I had a great time reading your comments and the emails some of you sent me regarding my new design! Thank you so much!!

The giveaway is now closed and I will be pulling winners today! Please note we had a small change. a few entrants had trouble posting on the blog directly and so I'll have to manually pull names instead of using random.org but I promise it will be fair - my little peanut is going to pull them! She's pretty excited ;)

Have a wonderful day and look for our winners to be posted either later tonight or tomorrow morning!


April 18, 2011

Giveaway Time!

Well hello there! I bet you thought I fell off the Earth after being so quiet for so long, eh? SURPRISE! Not only have I been busy sewing up a storm for my various clients, I have been working hard at relaunching with my new name, my fancy new blog (thank you Laura Jane!!) and some new tutorials and products coming your way very soon!! I've been writing up a storm and saving them for the launch!

I started this little business up just last year making the fabulous little flowers that you eat up as fast as I can make them! Now carried in two retails locations, and soon to be a third, my little flowers have brought me a lot of joy to share.

Shabby Blossoms, Fabulous 50's, Bobbies and Clips!
Then I added in my passion for the Creative Arts, with a dash of sewing machine, a pinch of inspiration, a few fabulous patterns and a really wonderful and dear friends encouragement.That was the making of my transformation from sweet little hair accessories, to sewing up treats for children. Just to tempt you with whats coming, I'm going to show you my sewing journey! You can see more at my facebook page, and eventually the Etsy store when I'm done getting it overhauled!

My first quilt face!
Kids Lunch bag and coordinating Snack Sack!
Custom hand singed vintage blossoms!
Heather Bailey print Crayon Roll!
Custom pencil crayon roll!
The fabulous Art Caddy for Cara Miller!
A sweet toddler size coloring tote!
A custom DS carrying case designed for my nephew!
My first pillowcase dress!
The very first thing I made with my new sewing machine, a mug rug for my mom!
Art Folios!
Up next: a sneak peek at my upcoming tutorial piece!
 Phew!! Enough with all that and on to the giveaway!

You can't celebrate a new phase of a journey without giving something away, so lets just get to the goods! We are going to have THREE LUCKY WINNERS who are going to have lots to be happy about when they get their prizes! The first name drawn will get to choose which prize they want, and the second and third will win the other two in the order they are drawn. Exciting! I know!

Prize #1: A $25.00 credit in my store for ANYTHING you want! Even if it's not there and you have a great idea in your head, let's make it happen! $25 and your imagination! Sounds great to me!!!

Prize #2 is generously donated from my dear friend Amy Dunn. Now, if you've not been around my blog too long, you need to go here to see where our friendship started! She really inspired me to get my feet off the ground and do what I love to do when I asked her to sew up something fabulous for my own little artist! She's not only the most talented seamstress I've run across, but now she has her own little fabric store where you can work with her tap into her talented mind!

Seriously~ can you get over how cute this is? I recently contacted her and asked her to put a fabric stash together for me for a project I'm working on (see above aforementioned 'upcoming tutorial photo') and she not only did an amazing job, she did it quickly, and it was in my hands THREE DAYS LATER. Amazing! She hit the nail on the head, her prices are fabulous and I guarantee you will never meet anyone nicer on the internet. I promise.

When she heard about my little blog being redesigned and me doing a giveaway, she donated this stack of fabric for one of you to in! Get a load of this:

You can win a 1/2 yard cut of each of the following gorgeous fabrics:

Michael Miller Lil' Plain Jane in Aqua
Michael Miller Ta-Dot in Ocean
Michael Miller Quarter Dots in Red and Aqua
 Prize #3 is a fabric stash from my own collection. I'm not going to post pictures because I'm going to ask the winner what kinds of fabrics they want so if you win, be ready with a choice between flannel or cotton, and some colors! I have a stash that will boggle the mind and trust me when I say that it's all awesome stuff. I'm a Michael Miller junkie through and through!!!

Tempted? Excited? Ya ME TOO! I looooove giving away things and I know you love winning them! So, here is how to enter!

Entry #1: Mandatory. You MUST like BOTH KTDS and Pinked Fabrics on Facebook.
Entry #2: Bonus Entry. Go ahead and tell me what you'd put your $25 credit towards if you won that! I want to know what you would love for your kiddo!!
Entry #3: Bonus Entry: Pop over to Pinked Fabrics on ETSY and tell me what your favorite fabrics are from there! She has amazing stuff!!
Entry #4: Bonus Entry: Comment THREE MORE TIMES if you blog, tweet of FB status about this giveaway. Be sure to include a link to your blast so I can check it out!

That's it! If you do all 4 of those steps above you can enter as many as 6 times for this giveaway and those odds are pretty sweet! Contest closes on Monday April 25, 2011 at MIDNIGHT EST. Winners will be drawn using Random.org and contact for confirmation prior to being announced. Be sure to leave your email address so I know how to find you! Prizes will be sent via USPS regular mail. If you want your prize sent any other way, or faster, that additional cost will be yours to cover.
~ GOOD LUCK!!! ~

April 17, 2011

A Squeeky New Page!

Well.. HERE IT IS! *wiggles all over the page!*

I've been so excited about this design process ever since I hired Laura Jane to start it for waaaaaay back in JANUARY. I had to patiently wait in a huge design queue until it was my turn and now I get to show off my pretty awesome little blog design!

So with that said, I've been saving up all kinds of things to blog about because I wanted them on the new template!

TOMORROW AT NOON EST I AM DROPPING A FAT GIVEAWAY to celebrate!!!!!!!!!! Invite all of your friends over because I have TWO PRIZES to give away and you will adore them both to no end I promise you! Also, my reader base is still smaller so your chances of winning are pretty good!