April 26, 2011


 You know what I like about people who win prizes? They are always so kind and happy when you tell them they won. They also ALL tell you that they never win! It's terribly cute :)

The first name my little honey bee drew this morning was SweetLea! It apparently goes to show you that the last people to enter can still win! She chose the fabrics from Pinked Fabrics and tells me she is going to make a bag with them! Can't wait to see it!! Thanks again to the charming Amy Dunn who has more talent in her little finger then I do in my entire body <3

The second name chosen was Quilter in the Gap who chose the scrap fabrics from my stash! Hooray! I've chosen a great little selection for her and she's really excited!

Finally, the winner of my store credit was JulesMCG who is currently eyeballing the facebook page full of goodies and trying to decide on fabrics and fun things for her children! 

Congratulations to all of the winners and thank  you all so very much for entering the draw! As a special treat, if you entered the draw and are interested in an item please message me and you will receive a 10% discount! This is only good until May 15th so use it up! This is also only good in MY store, not Amy's fabric store!

Have a wonderful evening and if you are in the storm path this week, stay SAFE!

Much love,

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