January 28, 2011

Quilt Block Fun!

Whilst crusing around in blog-land a few weeks ago I happened across a post from the lovely ladies over at Sew Fresh Fabrics. It was a wonderful idea about sewing scraps into blocks and building a quilt for charity and so I signed up and joined the flikr group and am now part of a fun quilting bee that is so inspiring I'm surprised more places don't do this!

This round I'm part of the girl quilt group and my little scrap bundle is full of fabrics that are very spring-like in their feel. I was debating between doing a  more traditional pieced block sort of a thing or a block that feels more like fabric art. I'm leaning towards a fabric art block with the theme of "pond" and building a little story in the block. I'll be sure to show you what pops out of my sewing machine!

I'm also sewing a little scrap treat for the classroom at school! It's a colorful pennant banner that says "CREATE!" and it will hang along one of the walls in an effort to inspire and be playful. I'll show you when I'm done!

In the mean time I leave you with my current item which has me buried under a flock of orders! Sweet and simple crayon rolls. I made one for a craft show that I'm participating in come April and it sold and took with it a good dozen orders!

Hope you are all wonderfully sewing away... I can't even bring myself to look at my sew-list for this year as I've not only diverted, I think I hit the ditch and won't get back out until summer!

January 21, 2011

I've Been Busy!

Long time no post! I have been a very busy girl. There are a lot of exciting things in the works over here as my sewing machine has taken over my craft room! This week I was so excited to cut up some favorite fabrics, it even took over my dining room table where I sat and sewed to my favorite movies. This is how bad habits start, but it's also how great things made with love emerge!

I know what you're thinking... stop blabbing and just start posting pictures... yes ma'am/sir!

 This sweet lunch bag is made from Michael Millers 'Groovy Guitar' fabric and I love the colors and pattern SO much that it's hard for me to part with it. This lunch bag is close with a simple loop and cover button! The lining though: that's the kind of fabric that I hate sewing with. It shifts, and is temperamental. In order to make it stay put I have to do basting stitches all around the very edge and then go back and sew into place. Even then it doesn't like staying pit. Good thing the finished product is cute or this would have been the last lunch sack I ever produced!

 I also made this sweet little snack bag to go along with the lunch sack! It's coated with an iron on vinyl and I have never worked with this vinyl before, but I've learned that the more you 'beat it up' the better it gets. I made a little test bag earlier in the week and I've washed it, dried it, shoved it in the dishwasher and left it on the floor for people to walk over. It's also had stuff poured into it and it has lovingly stood up to each and every inch of abuse I've put it through. After the dryer, it came out looking better then when I made it! Insane! Now it's been stolen and turned into a Barbie sleeping bag. This is life with a 7yr old thief.

The previous lunch sack was a test to see if I could sew with that lining fabric and so when the time came to make a full on finished "sellable" product, I dove into my Bonehead fabric. You have NO idea how much I adore sugar skulls! I also promised to produce some things for boys! The result was this cute little set that snowballed into orders of all kinds using this fabric! I regret only buying a yard. I have my first ever purse order as well with this fabric requested so I guess I need to find a purse pattern!

The week ended with me going back to my roots however with this adorable custom order from a wonderful client. Blue and black with Czech glass bead centers. Adorable.

So, anyone have any great purse patterns they'd recommend?

January 6, 2011

Dear Flannel

Dear Flannel~

You arrived in my mailbox as a contest prize and I was excited to see you, yet so hesitant to open the package and actually look at you. You're beautiful! I'm so scared of you! What do I do with you! You are all fuzzy and warm and so sweetly printed. Your colors are wonderful in that sweet child-like way and my little girl adores the fluff right off of you.

Be kind to me!
Love, Karen

Well, they're here! I won these flannels from the lovely Kristie over at OCD as part of the Sew Mama Sew giveaways. They are in fact, delicious in their color and feel. I was hesitant about them because I've never worked with flannel before and I'm feeling rather intimidated by them. I have snooped and googled up a storm looking for great ideas and of course everyone and everything loves all things baby with flannels. What if I don't want to do baby anything?!

That's right. Babies may be sweet and adorable but they don't get my flannel! Hear that!

Operation flannel couch quilt is in idea mode. If you're counting with me that's project #6 on my project board. Eek. I've got myself a fabric obsession and it's starting to get out of control ... which I guess is right par for the course with anyone who loves their sewing machine like their other child.

Let's build the list.
  1. Recess Block Quilt.
  2. Lunch Bags and Re-useable Sandwich Bags using my new best friend Heather Bailey's pattern. 
  3. Boy's Quilts... I'm building the fabrics for this as I track them down....
  4. Emma's Quilt- Done and under the 2011 Christmas Tree Deadline.
  5. Ghouls and Goblins Halloween Wall Hanger
  6. Flannel Couch Quilt
Where am I? Lets see here. Item #1, the beloved Recess block quilt is laid out, and pinned in order it will be blocked together. I've got to sew them up and pick out a sashing and backer fabric next. #2 I've just finished ordering all the supplies for minus the D rings for my pattern. The boys version of the lunch bag will be Michael Miller's Dino Dudes in brown. Can you say adorable? The girls version is Heather Bailey...

I told you she was my new best friend. :swoon:

Emma's quilt and the Boy's Quilt are in pattern mode right now. I think I have married myself to Emma's being that gorgeous stripe but the boy's quilt.... I'm designing my own.

The Ghouls and Goblins wall hanger is here in pieces! It's being done in the Spooktacular fabric that I ordered back in December and I've pinned all the applique bits and in doing so discovered that I really need a small dot on black as well as a coordinating stripe. I'll cut after I have those just in case I change my mind but otherwise all the fabric is here and begging my shears to get going!

Finally, that brings us back to the flannel. Have any of you completed any flannel projects and want to share? I'm curious what you've done with yours and if ou have any awesome tips you'd like to toss a flannel newbie like me!

Happy Sewing!