January 28, 2011

Quilt Block Fun!

Whilst crusing around in blog-land a few weeks ago I happened across a post from the lovely ladies over at Sew Fresh Fabrics. It was a wonderful idea about sewing scraps into blocks and building a quilt for charity and so I signed up and joined the flikr group and am now part of a fun quilting bee that is so inspiring I'm surprised more places don't do this!

This round I'm part of the girl quilt group and my little scrap bundle is full of fabrics that are very spring-like in their feel. I was debating between doing a  more traditional pieced block sort of a thing or a block that feels more like fabric art. I'm leaning towards a fabric art block with the theme of "pond" and building a little story in the block. I'll be sure to show you what pops out of my sewing machine!

I'm also sewing a little scrap treat for the classroom at school! It's a colorful pennant banner that says "CREATE!" and it will hang along one of the walls in an effort to inspire and be playful. I'll show you when I'm done!

In the mean time I leave you with my current item which has me buried under a flock of orders! Sweet and simple crayon rolls. I made one for a craft show that I'm participating in come April and it sold and took with it a good dozen orders!

Hope you are all wonderfully sewing away... I can't even bring myself to look at my sew-list for this year as I've not only diverted, I think I hit the ditch and won't get back out until summer!

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  1. Hi Karen...my package to you arrived back here in Nevada today...my postal ladies said you gave me the incorrect zip code. Please e-mail me, so I can check the address before I send it out again! Have a good day! At least it wasn't lost in the mail this time!


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