February 11, 2011

Giveaways and Something New!

I bet you thought I was hosting a giveaway! Guess what, I will be shortly but for now I have some others to share! Darlings, there is an adorable giveway happening at two of my favorite blogs, and one of my favorite people has opened a fabric store!!

Giveaway #1: Plushka's Crafts!!

She makes adorable things, I love her fabric choices and she's fun to read. Go check out her contest and enter it to win some sweet little Russian Doll Japanese fabric and ribbon of your choice! Cute!

Giveaway #2: Paperpixie!

This is a personal gal-pal of mine who is local to my little southern corner of the US. She and I are craft buddies and her crafts on Etsy are fabulous! As an added bonus she's a genuine, good hearted person who will charm you with her beautiful self. She's featuring a string of giveaways and you should get in on the giving!

Something New!

Remember me telling you about how much I love the gift I bought for my daughter from the fabulous Amy Dunn? Well, she went and opened up a fabric store! I am so excited for her! Her taste in fabric is a wonderful fresh breath of air and if you take a moment to converse with her beyond the purchaser-seller relationship, you'll find a good source of information, a sweet personality, and a genuine friend. You'll find her store here:

Go buy some fabrics!!

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  1. Thanks for mentioning me Karen. I'll be posting your 50's flower giveaway soon. I'll be sure to link you up. ( =


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