February 2, 2012

Winners and Treats!

Well hello out there :-)

I can safely tell you with 110% accuracy that I am not the bloggy type. I really wish I was because I'd love to fill you in on all the fun I have with thread and fabric around here, but for some reason my brain feels spring coming on and it wants to be outside. Anyone else find sitting in front of a computer dreadful lately? Thats me!

So, in an effort to thwart the computer blahs, let's just talk about my nifty winner and let me show you what I've been working on!!!

The biggest news of course is that I am not a Riley Blake retailer and I sell it with Claudia at the fabric store. Very shortly you will see the Riley Blake paired with some of the discount fabrics which will save you $$$$'s when it's time to create!! I've already sold some in the Etsy store as well as in the brick and mortar store so get it while you can! Remember that I'll gladly create a custom bundle for you if you give me some direction. It's amazing how much money you can save quilting with a couple of name brand fabrics paired up with discount fabrics. I have a nice collection of other designer fabric stores, like my precious pal Amy at Pinked Fabrics as well who I love to support. If you purchase something from her and want some discount fabrics to stretch your budget with, please feel free to message me!

With that great news comes even bigger news for my little contest winner..

Shirley Haynes Clark!

My friend. Guess what?! You will be getting some pretty Riley Blake tossed in with your fabrics!!! I'm going to message you shortly and we're going to talk about what you like to do so I can load you up with stuff from here and hopefully you will send me wonderful pictures of what you do!!

Want a snipit of the latest from my sewing table?....

Yup, that's embroidery! I made that pattern one night when I was lamenting about how I need to do something portable, and a week later out of my hoop jumped this little gem! Forgive the wrinkles, I've not ironed it yet! It really went from my hoop to this blog!!

So... what are YOU working on??