February 18, 2011

The Start- A Quilt Project

So, after much talky talky and no action, my daughter and I have FINALLY decided on a quilt fabric. We also decided on a style as well and while it's not the one I wanted, it's still pretty cool.

First, the fabric.
This is always the juicy part isn't it? I LOVE fabric shopping and I can't help it if I spend a little too much at fabric stores. I received a Groupon for Whipstitch here in Atlanta and so off I went to thier Etsy store to choose out some fabrics!

Here is what we chose:

Recognize those? Amy Butler, Soul Blossom. I've always loved these fabrics, and I am going to combine them with Kona's White and make tube quilt blocks with them. 
If you are not familiar with tube quilting, here is a video for you to watch:

This is a new technique to me but I LOVE the look. Want to see what it should end up looking like pattern wise? Look how beautiful it ends up looking

I plan to back it with Amy Butlers Laurel Dots but that will be a ways out at this point! So stay tuned as you'll see the progress of Emma's Quilt! (Or it may get renamed as Karen's Quilt if I decide parting with it isn't going to happen!)


  1. Can't wait to see your fabulous quilt!!! :)

  2. oo. I love the way the pattern turns out. It's going to be BEAUTIFUL!! How many hours do you put in to one of these?


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