July 9, 2011

Baby Chasen's Little Quilt

 It seems like just yesterday I was commenting on how I had won some flannel fabrics and had no idea what to do with them! I still haven't used them up but in the meantime one of our family members went and had a little piece of adorable and I had to pop out a baby quilt! He was just calling for something snuggly in the fall...

Riley Blake's All Star fabric I purchased from Raspberry Creek Fabrics She has some great blanket bundles!

There are a million tutorials out there for the Rag Quilt and it's really, super easy to do. This was my first one. Here are some hints for you:

1. Flannel shrinks. Consider that when choosing your square size. I used 8" squares but I wanted 6" clear within the ruffle.

2. Make sure your scissors are SHARP. I have a bruise on my had from snipping!!!

3. Flannel sheds worse then a dog in 90 degree weather. I have fabric all over my house. I shook it out before I washed it (on gentle, cold water) and then before I put it in the dryer (on low heat for 30 minutes) and again after the dryer to fluff it up a bit and it's STILL shedding threads.

In other news, now that this one is out of the way I can finish my star! Here is a picture of some finished stars from my class... beautiful!


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