July 1, 2011

Kids Quilt!

 I used to dream of all the little things my daughter and I would to together as she grew up. I think it's a secret desire of all women who have little girls that they will lovingly follow in their mother's footsteps and instantly love all the delicious and sweet traditions that we loved, too. Not so in my case.

My daughter and I are polar opposites. How things like this happen are beyond me, but she's ultra girly, speaks in an octave only heard by dogs, and loves pretty dresses and skirts. I am in essence, a tom boy. Granted, if I was the kind of seamstress that loved to sew pretty dresses and skirts, she'd be decorated from head to toe, but I like quick little projects that award a relatively fast sense of accomplishment. This makes me happy! It makes me feel like I'm getting somewhere!

So, imagine my shock when she announced that she wanted to make a quilt for her half sister Sophie! At first I was skeptical.... can a 7 yr old REALLY quilt?? Then I thought why not, the local fabric store was having a sale and I had some gems tucked away so we decided to go for it.

SIX DAYS later, in the middle of all kinds of chaos and happenings, with a visitor from Canada in our home and various goings on, I present the finished product...

 The striped fabric and the colorful blocks with the turquoise on them are Michael Miller's Happy Hills and I always buy my designer fabrics from the fabulous Amy Dunn over at Pinked Fabrics!! She's kept her prices at the $8.50 mark so it's keeping designer fabrics easier to afford these days!

I then paired them with the fabrics Emma (my daughter) wanted from my local fabric store. We are in the middle of getting her store on ETSY so you can all enjoy the same super low prices I get to, because when I bough those fabrics up there she had them on sale for 50% and I didn't pay more then $1.50 PER YARD. Over the course of the next 2 weeks I think it will be up and fully running with little tidbits!!

Anyway the entire quilt maybe set me back around the $20 mark.... maybe. It's crazy how cost effective they can be when you pair some really splashy fabrics with happy little blenders that are dirt cheap!!

We are pretty happy with the way it turned out....

 Have a funtastic 4th weekend to my American peeps, and a wonderful Canada Day to my Canadian peeps!!!



  1. Congratulations to your daughter on an AMAZING first quilt! She should be proud! :)

  2. Beautiful Karen!!


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