June 16, 2011


 Thanks for your comments about my previous battle with the sewing machine! It's still an ongoing battle and it now has an appointment at the sewing machine doctor. Little nightmare.

So, what a better way to celebrate my 'machine is making me batty' then with a new, really hard project! Yeah! *sigh* Someone come kick me in the rear end.

My little local fabric hole-in-the-wall hosts a quilty gathering of ladies on Thursday nights. I've always wanted to get in there so I decided to partake on their journey with them... and promptly bit off more then I can chew. Meet, the Lonestar:

I forget where I stole this from but it's not MINE!!!! I stole it. It's pretty though, right?

Well, thats the Lonestar done right. It's a really pretty quilt in person and since I'm not one to do traditional quilts I thought yanno, I should probably do one for fun.



More like giving myself a bald patch.

Here are the colors I chose:

What does that translate to?

Where am I currently? I'll tell you where I am. I'm in the corner rocking back and forth real slow like. Things I've learned about myself:

1. 45 degree angles and me are a bad combination.
2. I think it is possible to wear out a stitch ripper.
3. I need a money tree.

This quilt is amazing when it's done and that is what I keep telling myself after day three of sewing, ripping and re-sewing. The diamonds have to be pieced together with perfection ... all the seams have to look like they flawlessly run together. Right.

Currently, I have two whole diamonds pieced and sewn. I have the other 6 sewn together in the first 3 rows only. Why? Because I discovered row 4 was cut to the wrong strip size!!! I cut my fabrics at 3" instead of 3.5" and they pieced wrong so today I have to cut, strip sew and 45degree cut row 4 again... and then sew it to the 6 remaining points so I can finish the star in this quilt.

What happens tonight at quilt class? I'm not sure. they are going to analyze my sewing and let me tell you something. The back of this quilt looks like a spiders web that was caught in a tornado. I hack sewed this puppy together like a true hack-pro.

Lesson learned: I love my squares.

Stay tuned for the anti-climatic unveiling of the Lonestar in it's wonderul mis-shapen glory. LOL.


  1. OOOOh how I feel your pain!!!! I did a pattern called Star Jewels from:


    I have one border left and I am so done!!! Well with the front ofcourse, but that's ok. The top was easy,MINUS the Star! Seam ripper was a MUST and patience needed! Make sure you press to your hearts content and when you get the 4 "points" on the top and then the bottom(your two halves) start from one end with scant seam,then wider seam in the star's center and then finally scant again. Basting as you stitch the rows at each of their seams then opening to make sure they are lined up properly saved me ripping out much shorter stitches:)

    Can't wait to see yours all done, keep at it and you will smile in the end.

  2. I can sooooo see this happening to me! Good luck you!! :)

  3. Ha!!!! Better you than me my friend!!!! That's is craziness! I'm sure you will get it though and it will be fabulous!!!
    You crack me up Karen!! :)
    I'm so glad you went and had fun with the group, can't wait to see it come together. ;)


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