June 10, 2011

One of THOSE Days

 Typically people comment on how patient I am when it comes to doing the things I want to do. If you know me outside of this blog, you know that the moment someone says that to me (which is a lot!) I promptly laugh for a good ten minutes. I am not a patient person. I am a busy person. Busy people are either terribly efficient, or incredibly inefficient, I'm actually not too sure what it is. Regardless, I'm just really busy. I'm a mother, teacher, entrepreneur and part time seamstress. I enjoy what I do until I run into days like THIS. Today. Day # I'm-too-hot-to-count of the heat, and behind in sewing like you would not believe.

I'm in the quilting stage for my sweet little baby quilt.

 I backed it with the sweetest buttery yellow cotton from my favorite hole-in-the-wall fabric store. (Mimi's Treasures in Rock Spring, GA if you are down here!) It was on sale for $1.50 a yard! I bought double what I needed just because I have a horrible fabric hoarding problem! Eek! Anyway, I sandwiched it with it's organic cotton batting, perfect for little sensitive bundles, and then pinned it to the backing and went to quilt it thinking I'd just do a simple little square stitch quilt job when all of a sudden.....


Ripped out the stitches.

I adjusted my tension, and tried it out on a scrap fabric sandwich.... all good.

Attempt #2 at quilting baby blanket, and what do you think happened? Yes, refer to the above picture.

Ripped out more stitches.

I'm feeling a little bitter at this ripping thing. This thread is Orange so it's not like it's blended in and I can just hide the stitch with a hand-over job.

Adjust the tension, sew a bit to make sure and .... all good! Just to be sure I clean out the bobbin house, check my thread, make sure my needle is sharp. Yes, all seems okay.

I'm feeling confident now because I've just tested the heck out of this tension and so in goes the baby quilt and 3/4 of the way down the quilt... SKIP.


x 10.

So now I've ripped the threads out and I've folded up the baby quilt and I'm blogging! I hope you're all having a wonderful Friday and not wanting to throw your beloved machines out the window along with me!



  1. Oh Karen! I am so sorry. I've had days like that, and projects like that. What I finally got to work (though it may have just been a coinky-dink) was rethreading the machine, top and bottom. I don't know what the heck it was, but it just needed to be done I guess! I hope the rest of your day goes by without any more "skips." ♥

  2. Those days are the WORST! I hope you give your machine a stern talking to and let it know who's boss.

  3. What kind of machine do ya have first off? I would rethread like Erin said above. You probably did. I wonder why it waiting until 3/4 of the way down. You probably thought that too,sorry. No help! UMMMM.....http://www.fashion-incubator.com/archive/10_reasons_for_skipped_stitches/ Maybe this list will help!!

    I know.I know it is VERY frustrating. I had a lot of that on my old Kenmore. So far so good on the Janome 6500.

  4. Boo!!!! That happened with my old machine (it's not old! Just older than my new one :)
    I took it in and they said it was a timing issue. I hope you get it fixed quickly my friend! It's no fun to be without a working machine.


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