May 31, 2011

Winners and South Carolina

 Well, first thing is first.... how was your Memorial Day weekend? Ours at Casa Thompson was busy and relaxing at the same time which is odd, i know but children always add such a wonderful mix of surprise and chaos!

I promised I'd post some images from our recent trip to Isle of Palm in South Carolina but before I do, I guess I should spill about our SMS winner!!

I've decided that I'm always going to do my giveaways like this one- with jokes and fun things to read because I'm sure that most of you know all blog writers LOVE comments and they read as many as they can! It would honestly take me days and days to read 3 or 4 hundred like some blogs had. Crazy! Regardless, my husband loved SO many of your jokes but the one that had him on the floor was one by Wemailaddress2. I am not going to repost it because it's not the cleanest joke on the planet but it's funny!

Congratulations to you and she's been confirmed so there will be no redrawing! As a special treat for all of you though, you can have 20% off anything I sew for children so hop over to my facebook and tell me what you'd like me to sew up for you, ok?

Isle of Palm... some pretty little images of what our 5 day stay and the stunning Isle left us with...

Starfish and Hermit Crab
My little peanut on the beach <3
The view from under our beach umbrella!
My handsome mister with a baby shark! (yes we threw it back in!)
Sunrise on the morning we left.

 Have a fantastic week!!

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  1. Where did you guys stay at? I need to plan a little vacation soon. ( =


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