May 26, 2011


Wow! I think my rear end is flat after spending the last two days looking at EACH and EVERY blog entered on the Sew Mama Sew giveaway. I have to. I didn't enter every contest, but I just wanted to say that I had taken the time to see what everyone had put forth in their efforts and I am BLOWN AWAY! It's so amazing to see such a wonderful world-wide collection of amazingly talented people. Bless you all. If you are looking for my giveaway- which is piling up in the corner of my sewing room right now, please click HERE. You have one more day!! I extended it to allow non-registered users to post... so GO ENTER!

I have to tell you that keeping the prize on the down-low means that I get to read every single comment without going cross eyed and we are both enjoying your jokes very much <3

In other news... look here at the new patterns I tried out! I bought these from Keyka Lou who is a very talented and wonderful sort, and I really LOVE how easy her patterns are to use. I bought them specifically for Teacher gifts! I let my daughter help me over-stitch the top flap of the Heather Bailey clutch and she did a great job didn't she? I had to go over it by hand to tie down some loops and even it out a bit but she did a great job. <3

Up next: I have a request in for an e-reader cover!

Thanks for stopping by and good luck in all the draws you've entered!!


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  1. I love her patterns too as they are super easy to do. Your daughter did a great job. Those look so cute!


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