May 14, 2013

That Sewing Machine Thing

A few years ago I had this itch to sew. I bought a pile of fabrics, a pile of notions, and a cheap little sewing machine from Walmart. I wasn't too sure if my new hobby was a passing fad or something more. Well, I guess it is an addiction because here I am with my own studio, a pile of cute things and a fabric stash that somewhat resembles the cutting floor of a JoAnn's. 

Before the move my poor little sewing machine, who has seen some serious action, was not behaving like a good machine should. I put off dealing with it until after we moved, and when I plugged him in... well he works but not like he should. He likes to snaggle his bobbin and snap his needle. No amount of fussing with the tension resolves his issues and after a series of frantic google suggestions and a phone call to the sewing machine doctor, he's just not coming back to life. Honestly, he doesn't owe me any favors... I'm not too sure it even cost me $100?

I called the sewing machine doctor back and asked him how much it would be to resurrect my sweet, and he told me somewhere in the neighborhood of $200. .. No. My machine didn't even cost me $200 so after a lot of pouting my darling husband suggested that I magically go out and get a new one! Well.... don't mind if I do....

This time around I decided that I wanted to try a sewer that had embroidery options. I don't want to commit to a full fledged sewing machine, so I thought this little buy may be a good option:

Its a Brother SE400 and it does sewing and embroidery!! What sewing machine do you use?

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