December 12, 2010

The Fabulous 50's Flowers!

Ok... I admit I'm a craft nerd and I couldn't wait until tomorrow to debut the Fabulous 50's Flower!

I am SO in love with these flowers and they look amazingly beautiful in the hair!! 

Each blossom is handcrafted with a classic folding technique and then complimented with a matching center button. I have found the perfect size of these beauties is a 3" diameter. I can make them smaller or larger, with more petals, multiple color petals or petals inserted into each other. A standard 3" diameter flower is only $8 and is stunning when paired up with our Skinny Stretch Headband! (Additional $1.50) or our Crochet Style Headband! ($2.00 each).

Have a peek for yourself!

Beautiful! For a more complete showing of our custom beauties, please pop on over to our facebook page and prepare to fall in love!

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