December 19, 2010

The January To-Do List

Good morning and welcome to the Christmas Final Countdown! FIVE DAYS TO GO! Are you done? I am! I can't wait! However, every year at about this time, it reminds me how important tradition and family are to me. I decided that next year for Christmas my little girl is getting her heirloom quilt from me and that means.. time to choose fabric! Well, it may be a tad early but any excuse to choose fabric is really welcome in this house!

First of all, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this quilt pattern that I saw on a blog called Red Pepper Quilts.

I may alter this style of quilt by making the rectangles more trapezoidal then rectangular. I love a bit of "wonk" and spontaneity. It keeps your eye on the quilt a little longer. Love that. Plus this pattern looks like it has a low "swear factor" and anything that keeps my kid from learning new words while I sew away is a bonus in my eyes :)

So here is what I'm looking for. I want something fresh, and beautiful. She likes airy and pretty as she's a very feminine child. She is also quite sentimental and I want something that will age with her nicely into her teen and adult years. Oh wait, who are we kidding. I'm not too sure WHAT ages into the teen years so we can alter that to something that will be hidden away safely at the tender age of 14 and re-discovered with glee at the age of 19 when I hope she comes back in one piece from the chaos of teenager-dom. *joy*

Here is what I am eyeing right now:

 By Anthology Fabrics, the Sweet Tooth line:

I really like the colors in this line and especially the teal, green and white diamonds pattern that goes in this line. Its bright and pretty, and I think would make a really great vibrant quilt that will age will for her. I may have to hunt around a bit to get more of the line but I'm sure there won't be troubles finding something really great to go with it since the spring generally brings some really great bright fabrics with it.

I have also been loving Lucy Fun Flowers by Holly Holderman for a bit now. 

Whats not to love? The dots in this line are yummy (and we all know how I love my dots) but I'm not 100% sold on the florals. This line may to TOO white? 

Finally, my daughter saw this one in passing the other day and fell in love with this one print. The line is a little like the others which means subconsciously I guess these are the colors I'm looking for!

So, I'd love to know what you've seen in passing that is similar to these? Expand my mind? Offer opinions? Show me the quilts you've made for your little ones? I'll be blogging the progress of this as well as my little Halloween treat that I'm going to be starting in January as well! 

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  1. It is good to have projects on the go! I too am gettign organised for stuff i am doing next year, Merry Christmas. I love the last colour picture, the colours just pop.


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