December 16, 2010

Sew Cute!

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This afternoon I took a small sampling of pretty shabby and fabulous 50 blossoms to the local store called Sew Cute! Locally owned and operated by the most charming daughter-mother team ever, Sew Cute has all kinds of goodies tucked into it's colorful displays. I personally love their custom dresses and now, when you go order your custom dress, you can have yours truly make a custom hair flower made to match it! So exciting!

 Aren't you dieing to go peek in those windows?

They also sell something else I love there- personalized goodies! While I was there they were rolling out these adorable scarves with initials embroidered on them and I almost bought some but then I would have had to explain to my husband why I suddenly had five color coordinated scarves with K's on them that matched every coat I own...
Look how pretty my babies look all polished up and ready for their new homes!

Finally, as if this wasn't enough great news on it's own, here's more great news: I brought home MORE fabric! I found a local fabric spot that sells amazing fabrics for only $3.00 a yard. Hello! Did I help myself to piles of amazing things? YES! Did I have big plans for those amazing things? YES! In fact, my scissors and glue gun are calling my name right this moment. Just wait till you see the purple owl fabric... its to die for! <3

TOMORROW is the LAST DAY to enter my giveaway so get over there and enter if you haven't already! I'm 7 entries away from 100 and when that happens, I'm tossing in an extra treat... and we all know that everyone loves treats... <3


  1. hey the local fabric spot... is that Mimi's? I've ALWAYS wanted to go in there, but never get a chance.

  2. Yes! Mimi's! It's open Thurs and Fri 10-5 and Sat 10-2. The woman who runs it is amazingly sweet!


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