December 18, 2010

Winners and Morning Treats!

I wasn't going to announce the winner until Monday because lets face it, something to look forward to on a Monday is a gift in itself! However, I decided to let the cat out of the bag now because this morning has been pretty amazing already and it's only 8:45am.

Thank you for visiting my little blog and leaving such beautiful comments! I am really amazed at this whole Giveaway event and already have a great idea in the works for the next Giveaway Day!!

Since I had over 100 entries, I pulled TWO names out of a hat instead of just one. The first one was for the prize as shown and the winner was.... FRECKLEFACE!

The second winner has won 2 Fabulous 50's flowers of her picking from my Facebook. That winner pulled was AMANDA LOVELACE-PHOTOGRAPHY!

Congratulations to both of you! I will contact you this morning and packages will be mailed out on Tuesday!
 I can't wait to see pictures <3

On to something just as exciting!

I couldn't wait to get the mail today. Not that the mail is normally terribly exciting but in the course of entering all these fun giveaways, I found a gem that made me stop and purchase from one bloggers store. It was the fabulous Amy Dunn of Lots of Pink Here! I was SO in love with THIS item that I contacted her and had one made up for my little peanut. Of course I added something and adjusted the fabric and what turned out was THIS!

So after we settled the details, she made it faster then I thought humanly possible and it arrived this morning! Look how it arrived!

How adorable is this?!

I also received a special little treat tucked into my package! An adorable key fob with the most exquisite fabric! LOVE it! I can't really thank her enough. If you're in the market for amazingly items, pop over to her store and have a look. You won't be disappointed; her service is impeccable, her shipping is fast and the quality is amazing. She even presents it in such a way it was painful to unwrap! I loved my experience with her, and my little girl will adore her Art Folio once she unwraps it on Christmas morning. I can't wait!

Have a beautiful weekend!

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